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Everything you want is on the other side of your greatest fear.

Although we are sometimes resistant, hard times, challenges, and difficulties help make us who we are. Like the transformative metamorphosis from black coal to diamond, only after extreme pressure, and the passing of time, do we see the result. It is up to us whether we focus on the pain or the result.

Many self-help books will say that if we just ask for what we want, we will get it, but what if we never learned to ask for what we really want? In this book, author Karinna Damgård explores how learning from a young age not to trust intuition, not to ask for help for fear of being a burden, has held us back. How will you learn the grandness of truth, if you were always told a lie? How can you learn to empower yourself, if life always taught you the opposite? How can you learn to better yourself if you are always busy watching out for the next big earthquake?